10 Health Centers in Equatorial Guinea

The mission of this project was the design and construction of 10 Health Centers and the fencing of other 3 existing Centers (at the end 11 Health Centers and one fencing). Cabrera-Febles was awarded in 2011 for this tender by the African Development Bank.

Each Center consisted of a clinic and two private semidetached houses for the medical staff. The Health Centers are all fenced and totally equipped. The construction is actually ongoing: two of the Centers are in the Bioko Island (Alegre, Rotonda Arab Contractor), and the others 9 in the Continent (Abiara, Allen Agok, Esong Esonvus, Kukuma Nkog, Ebang Esangui, Esong  Esonvus, Minang, Bolondo, Esong Concentrado). The same scheme has been used to define the plots’ plan, adapting then to specific features of each site.

The open porch is the point of entry to the clinic, connecting with the central courtyard, surrounded by the corridor leading to the different facilities (consultation rooms, pharmacy, delivery room…). The open corridor is protected from the rainwater by roof eaves, without affecting the natural ventilation.

The building is divided into 5 work areas: the front of the building host the administration, pharmacy, minor surgery and sterilization room. The pediatric consultation rooms, the vaccination room, gynecologic rooms, the information and communication room and the adapted bathrooms are located in the central area of the building, while on the back side of the clinic we can find the hospitalization areas, divided by gender, the pre-delivery, delivery and post-natal rooms. In the same area there is also the nurse’s stations and cleaning storeroom.

The semidetached houses have been designed in order to squeeze the interior space reducing inner itineraries. Kitchen has been functionally arranged, and indispensable furniture has been indicated on plans. The dimensions of rooms and spaces have been settled on the basis of the Habitability Decree’s dispositions, currently in force in Spain. In every Center there is a well and a water tower, for clean water supply.


Project Nº: 413/11
Situation:  Guinea Ecuatorial
Client:  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the African Development Bank
Begin/End:  2012- works in progress