Five Stars Hotel and Business Center for the in Snim a Nouakchott

One of the main elements that come out observing Mauritanian landscape is horizontally:  in the case of rural areas this is reflected in the predominating small undulations of ground; in the case of cities and villages, the horizontally of buildings (usually two storey buildings) generally marks the skyline, where only minarets stands out. Therefore the architectural design of the 5* Hotel has been adapted to such a context, designing a project that, notwithstanding its volume, stands out for his horizontally and the slight variation in its height. A complete perception of the complex is guaranteed by any point of the curve façade. The design and the shape of the plan has been subject to the intention of encompassing the huge central space, which is unique in character. The lush vegetation and the small undulation of the soil, gives the central area a peculiar character, which creates different scenarios, adjusted to the range of the functions that are held in. This big space opens to the northern part of the plot, related to the others facilities, which, in their turn, are organized around small independent gardens. 
The general  arrangement of the complex offers, in one hand, a clean and powerful image of the Hotel, taking into consideration the urban scale of the context, and, in the other hand, solves the climate factors problematic, characterizing  the country and the town, as the wind and the sunshine.

Nº project: CO 047/12
Site: Nouakchott, Mauritania
Client: SNIM (Sociedad Nacional Industrial y Minera)
Start/end: 2012
Coauthors: David Espejo Campos
Local  Collaborator: Créa Aménagement