New Headquarters of the Snim in Nouadhibou

The competition required a building of offices for the headquarters of the SNIM in Nouadhibou, for 500 people approximately. The building purposed disserves thirteen departments, grouped in four functional groups.
Common zones of relation takes an important role in the project, such as the cafeteria, the room administration board for 45 people with annexes,  etc.
The presented proposal fulfill the program defined in the terms of reference, adding to the program a multifunctional room, multi-skilled space, a tea room and technical facilities rooms. The parking lot will be outside.
The proposed building will strengthen the image of the company, with an avant-garde aspect adapted to the country’s uniqueness.
We think that a good product is only obtained grace to the close collaboration between a demanding client and a professional team. Therefore, the final proposal will be the result of the common work fulfilling all the aspirations of the Company.
In the building the maximum quality is pursued and all the architectonic responses are focused on well-being of users and the environmental commitment of a sustainable building.

Nº project: CO 039/11
Site: Nouadhibou, Mauritania
Client: SNIM (Sociedad Nacional Industrial y Minera)
Start/end: 2011
Coauthors: Correa+Estévez Arquitectos
Collaborator: Athie Mamadou Falil (Ingénieur Civil)