Premio de Arquitectura Española Internacional 2015

Spanish International Architecture Award 2015, in the category: Urbanism: Urban Planning and Urban Achievements, for the project ” TERRITORIAL MASTER PLAN OF THE URBAN AGGLOMERATION OF THE GRAND AGADIR”


These awards are promoted by the Forum of Spanish Architecture, a space for debate constituted under the Presidency of the Minister of Development, and integrated by the CSCAE, the Orders of Architects, Foundations and Institutes of Architecture, Schools of Architecture and Companies related to the sector.

The awards have been created to recognise the architectural and urban quality of professionals and architectural firms, developers and builders who have developed their work outside Spain, with the aim of encouraging and consolidating a common brand beyond our borders, which supports and ensure continuity to the expansion of these professionals and the sector. The awards thus reward, through different categories, the excellence of the work of  Spanish architects and companies linked to the sector, thus contributing in one hand to the dissemination of the cultural values of Spanish Architecture to the whole international community  and in the other hand to the continuity, expansion and support to the sector.